Bringing culinary delights to your home.


Mangé brings the tastes of gastronomical restaurants to your home. Although 2 and 3 Michelin cooking and presentation is an art, there are some secrets which make their production possible. Sauces are by far the best kept secret and the most critical element to great dishes. Mangé is a company set up to provide people with just that, sauces that can turn your home cooking into a gastronomical dish.

Le Gastronome is a line of products from Mangé which will help to make many dishes flavorsome. The First of the series are Mangé's Fresh Fruit Vinegars. The mixtures of fresh fruits sauces into cooking gives dishes the extra splash of freshness and taste which stimulates all the senses. These fruit sauces can be added to dishes from seafood to salads making them a very versatile sauce. These sauces also add a splash of color to all your culinary creations.

The Creator

Christopher Spivak who was originally from New York set out to Lyon, France (gastronomy capital of France) to start his culinary expedition. Starting there he began to learn the French culinary diligence and techniques it takes to make great food. While working with several well known chefs he then made his way down to Marseille where he learned to work well with the a divers array of seafood products.

While seafood and French technique is an important part of the culinary arts, Chris felt more cultural diversity was necessary in his cooking. Brazil was his next stop where he worked with an array of different chefs. He worked with the most well known chef in Sao Paulo all the way to traditional northern style chefs near Bahia in Maceió. Brazil is well known for their diverse fruits and diversity in foods. In Brazil he had the unique experience to work with a wide variety of chefs learning many great taste mixtures. After learning so many Brazilian traditions he took his culinary adventure to Italy.

In Italy he got to learn the origin of those great recipes that he has always loved before they got changed by American influence. In Italy he worked with several different chefs and in different types of kitchens. He worked in a three star Michelin restaurant and also a 2 star restaurant which served the tradition Mom and Pop gastronomical cuisine.

After all these great experiences he made his way to London. While still working under the guidance of a great French chef and English Su Chef he learned how to play with peoples pallets coming from different cultures. This also gave him the experience to work with the rigidness of the french techniques while learning how to adapt flavors for different cultures.

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