Grilled Summer Vegetables

Red Pepper Vinegar Grilled Veggie Salad

Serves 4


2 Green Summer Squash (Zucchinis), cut into ½ cubes

2 Golden Summer Squash, cut into ½ cubes

1 Eggplant, ½

1 Leek, sliced into ½ circles

1 Orange Bell Pepper, cut into ½ cubes

1 Red Bell Pepper, cut into ½ cubes

1 Ear of Corn, whole


1 ½ Cup Red Pepper Vinegar

BBQ rub:

1 cup Olive oil

5 Springs of Thyme

1 Spring of Rosemary

3 Springs of Oregano

Salt and Pepper


1- Marinate all the vegetables with the BBQ rub for 30 min

2- Grill all vegetables on the grill with with the help of a vegetable grill basket

3- Take off the grill and toss with the Red Pepper Vinegar

Bon Appetit!!