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Passion Fruit - Fruit de la Passion
Fruit Vinegar

Fresh Fruit Vinegar orFresh Fruit Vinegar
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The perfect passion for salad lovers. Weather it be traditional salads or a ceviche, this is the perfect vinegar to give the best passion punch to your dishes. Our Passion Fruit Fresh Vinegar is with full of pulp of fresh passion fruits. This vinegar will add a delicious burst of fruit to your favorite salads and dishes. Try it on grilled seafood and shellfish, and combines beautifully with infused oils to create unique dressings. Passion Fruit Vinegar has a delicious tropical flavor and aroma. Fresh and sweet, this vinegar has an endless array of uses. This robust vinegar adds a tropical accent to any dish. Great for Ahi Tuna Salad, Coconut crusted Cod, and Mango tropical fruit Salad. If you would like some great dishes to taste go to the "Recipes" tab.